Annoying the French Encore! by Stephen Clarke

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By Stephen Clarke

We’ve been demanding the French for a thousand years. yet were you aware that, as lately as 2010:

When the French and British navies attempted to affix forces, nuclear submarines collided, an coincidence that France’s Minister of Defence blamed on shrimps. It was once Trafalgar over again – yet with seafood.
The american citizens infuriated the French by way of arresting Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a member of France’s political élite, after which treating him like an ordinary suspect. Ce n’est pas normal!
With either a royal marriage ceremony and a jubilee, the Brits confirmed the French what a rash suggestion it was once to decapitate their king.
When David Cameron walked out of a eurosummit, he provoked a volley of comical anti-Anglais insults from French politicians.

Stephen Clarke stories every thing the English-speaking global has been doing lately to make sure that France hangs directly to its nationwide inferiority advanced. For the French, the merde by no means ends

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