50 Relatives Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz

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By Justin Racz

They're kooky, they're crazy-50 family members Worse Than Yours is a nightmarish relatives reunion that might have you ever appreciating your personal bizarre extended family. there is the relations publication writer who retains you up-to-date on how Uncle Carl's hip is doing; there is Holistic New Age Aunt, who is aware Madonna from Kabbalah classification yet refuses to introduce you simply because that might be undesirable karma; and there is baby Who was once in a countrywide television advertisement, who has more cash than you do. after which there is Uncle Speedo, the Monopoly financial institution Thief, and Your Son, the Tenant.
Filled with hilarious photos and bullet issues directory all their terrible features, 50 family members Worse Than Yours is the correct reward for somebody who is embarrassed by means of a few individuals in their relations, which let's simply admit it truly is approximately every body. And who is familiar with, chances are you'll even realize a relative or two...
Justin Racz is an ads copywriter. he's the writer of J.Crewd and 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours. He lives in big apple urban.
Praise for 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours:
"Take this funny travel of the world's worst work."-Entertainment Weekly
"Justin Racz has performed an enormous carrier to us all with 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, a piece most likely top saved in your task website for undesirable days."-Chicago Tribune
Also to be had: 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours hc 1-58234-492-2 ISBN-13: 978-158234-492-8 $14.95

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9. Holistic New Age Aunt Shops at Whole Foods, doesn't wear fur, listens to Enya and believes we should only eat what we grow or slaughter with our own hands. Dreamcatcher, healing crystal, oracle cards, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Jamba Juice gift certificate. Loose, formless linen or hemp pants; large beaded ethnic jewelry; rainbow shawl for all seasons. Channeled the spirit of dead Grandpa Jack at Thanksgiving six years ago. Can score you some killer pot. Knows someone in the same Kabbalah class as Madonna but refuses to introduce you because that would be bad karma.

You've noticed that since her eyesight has waned, she's beginning to come dangerously close to your mouth when she kisses you hello. 30. Brother Who Beat the Crap out of You Your older brother reminds you that you are an uninvited guest in his world—a world of pain that rains down atomic wedgies, noogies, and purple nurples. One punch per year. An extra hard one for good luck. " —Said right before he zipped you up in a suitcase and punted it down the steps He wets his bed. Indian burns are his way of saying / love you.

Cheek Pincher 38. Resume-Padding Parents 39. Monopoly Bank Thief 40. The Holiday Drunk 41. The Martha Wannabe 42. Shrimp Ring Bringer 43. The Vegan 44. David Copperfieldstein 45. Inappropriate Uncle 46. Psychic Twins 47. Condescending Shirley 48. Kissing Cousins 49. Bald Side of the Family 50. Mother-in-Law 51. Your Relative 1. The Perfect Family Dad's a lawyer with his own practice. Mom's an art therapist at the children's hospital. Little Becky is on the ice hockey Olympics Development team; Little Bobby is on the state chess team.

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