1364.1-2002 IEEE Standard for Verilog Register Transfer

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Commonplace syntax and semantics for VerilogR HDL-based RTL synthesis are defined during this usual.

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3 Special characters in strings Supported. 7 Identifiers, keywords, and system names Simple identifiers are supported. 1 Escaped identifiers Supported. 2 Generated identifiers Not supported. 3 Keywords Supported. 4 System tasks and functions system_task_enable ::= system_task_identifier [ ( expression { , expression } ) ] ; system_function_call ::= system_function_identifier [ ( expression { , expression } ) ] system_function_identifier ::= $[ a-zA-Z0-9_$ ]{[ a-zA-Z0-9_$ ]} system_task_identifier ::= $[ a-zA-Z0-9_$ ]{[ a-zA-Z0-9_$ ]} System task enable shall be ignored.

2 Wired nets Supported. 3 Trireg net Not supported. 4 Tri0 and tri1 nets Not supported. 5 Supply nets Supported. 36 Copyright © 2002 IEEE. All rights reserved. 6 regs Supported. See Clause 5 on how edge-sensitive and level-sensitive storage devices are inferred. 1 Operators and real numbers Not supported. 2 Conversion Not supported. 9 Arrays Supported. 1 Net arrays Supported. 2 reg and variable arrays Supported. 3 Memories Supported. Copyright © 2002 IEEE. All rights reserved. 2 Local parameters—localparam Supported.

Case expression in a casez statement shall not have a ? or z. 2 Constant expression in case statement Supported. 6 Looping statements function_loop_statement ::= forever function_statement | repeat ( expression ) function_statement | while ( expression ) function_statement | for ( variable_assignment ; expression ; variable_assignment ) function_statement loop_statement ::= forever statement | repeat ( expression ) statement | while ( expression ) statement | for ( variable_assignment ; expression ; variable_assignment ) statement Loop bounds shall be statically computable for a for loop.

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